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RFP: Land Use Planning and Analysis

Click here to download a PDF copy of the RFP.


This Request for Proposals (RFP) seeks to hire a firm to guide Goldbelt through the process of creating a master plan for three separate geographic locations in Southeast Alaska with a total area of over 32,000 acres. The final work product will be a land use planning and analysis document that contains suggested land use ideas, conceptual designs and maps, and estimated costs to develop each idea. As an Urban Native corporation, Goldbelt is committed to making a significant and positive impact on our shareholders. The land being considered is Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) Land Goldbelt received on behalf of Goldbelt shareholders in the 1970s. A high value is placed on traditional Tlingit use of land, but we will also consider current Western values for land development and commercial use. An important aspect of the final product is how it can increase shareholder value, while focusing on economic growth potential.

Preference will be given to Goldbelt shareholders.


  1. Analysis of Infrastructure & Potential for Business:
    This will include assessment of current utilities; what the zoning allows; distance to highways, commercial airports; leasing and rent costs; and taxes.
  2. Analysis of Current Market and Organizational Conditions:
    a) Identification of needs and goals of Goldbelt, Inc.
    b) Identification of needs and goals of the City and Borough of Juneau and the Borough of Petersburg.
    c) Analysis of workforce capabilities and potentials.
    d) Overview of the logistics of potential industries/business.
    e) Trends in the logistics for potential industry/business sectors; projected growth in those sectors.
    f) List of growing and emerging industry/business ventures, domestic and international.
    g) Analysis of emerging trends in the industry that may be valuable to the region.
    h) Analysis of statutes and applicable laws and regulations concerning potential ventures.
  3. Analysis of cultural opportunities.
  4. Present ideas to Goldbelt Operations and Lands Committee
  5. Conclusions and Plans on Feasibility:
    a) Exploration and selection of targeted ventures using a scenario model process, in addition to other applicable models.
    b) Identifying feasible alternative revenue generating ventures, to include rationale describing why they were selected as possible ventures.
    c) Methodology.
    d) Sources (with hyperlink citations to data).

An in-person verbal presentation of conclusions with PowerPoint presentation, conceptual drawings, proposed locations on maps, detailed written findings of analysis of infrastructure and potential for business, including current market and organizational conditions and cultural opportunities.

• RFP is distributed: July 24, 2023
• RFP responses due DEADLINE EXTENDED: September 30, 2023
• Awarded on: October 9, 2023
• Kick-off meeting: October 16, 2023

Payment options are negotiable and will be presented as part of the proposal.


Click here to download a brochure about Goldbelt’s lands.

Goldbelt is an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) first and foremost, and we draw on and uphold the principles of our culture: family, diligence, and respect. These qualities remind us of our past, define our present, and guide our future.
Incorporated in 1974, Goldbelt was organized under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) as the Urban Native Corporation representing the Juneau area, though shareholders have family roots throughout Southeast Alaska’s vibrant Tlingit community. The Tlingit people are the indigenous people of the Southeast region, whose rich history spans more than ten thousand years on this land and historically owned almost all of Southeast Alaska. The Tlingit people called this land Haa Aaní, which means “our land”. Goldbelt was formed with 2,722 original shareholders and now represents more than 3,700 shareholders and descendants. Our shareholders own the entire 272,000 shares of Goldbelt stock, representing assets of over $100 million in addition to over 32,000 acres of land in the Southeast Alaska region – land upon which our shareholders and their ancestors have made their homes for thousands of years.
Our rich history spans more than ten thousand years on this land. Over the centuries, Indigenous Alaskans established numerous permanent villages across the Southeast region of Alaska, divided into 17 kwaan regions throughout Southeast Alaska. In this harsh, yet bountiful environment, the Tlingit ancestors dwelt in the more northerly areas and the Haida people occupying villages in the most southerly islands. Historically, two groups of Tlingit’s made their home in the area now known as Juneau: The Auk and the Taku. Each tribe was a loose affiliation of clans, who owned the land, salmon streams, and trading routes throughout a region stretching from the southern reaches of Stephens Passage to an area north of Berners Bay.
Tlingit culture is matrilineal and highly values respect, humor, and support for one another. We establish identity through a clan system organized into two major moieties: Eagle (Ch’áak’) and Raven (Yéil), which are each in turn made up of clan houses. Emphasis is placed upon responsible cultivation and harvest of resources from both the land and sea, with great value and respect for all that the land provides.
We are focused on building a permanent legacy to honor our history and heritage. Goldbelt is more than just a business enterprise; it’s rooted in a people, in a place, and with a solid sense of responsibility for the well-being and future of both. We foster solid, long-lasting relationships with valued partners to deliver maximum value to clients and shareholders while remaining true to our culture and values.

Goldbelt Mission:
Goldbelt is committed to making a significant and positive difference in the lives of our shareholders.

Goldbelt Vision:
Goldbelt, a successful Alaska Urban Native Corporation owned by Natives, is dedicated to building a bright future for shareholders.

Corporate Headquarters Location:
3025 Clinton Drive, Juneau, AK 99801

Goldbelt, Inc.
c/o Land Use Analysis
[email protected]
3025 Clinton Drive, Juneau, AK 99801
(907) 790-1427