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Setting the gold standard

Our Capabilities

Global operations, local opportunities

Goldbelt’s businesses are as diverse as our people and as strong as our culture. Our deep portfolio features both federal government contracting and Alaska operations, which serve the tourism, transportation, and security industries. Goldbelt’s diversified government contracting subsidiaries offer solutions across four strategically positioned areas: logistics, engineering, and procurement; information technology and cybersecurity; healthcare and medical services; and construction.

Federal Government Contracting

Each one of Goldbelt’s federal government contracting subsidiaries provides efficient, effective services and solutions to numerous agencies within the federal government, across the country and around the globe. Through these businesses, Goldbelt competes across the 8(a), small business, and full & open marketplaces. Goldbelt companies are permitted to form joint ventures and teams to bid on contracts, enhancing our ability to perform larger prime contracts and overcome the effects of contract bundling.

Consider Our Solutions

Alaska Group

Investing in Alaska serves our region, our people, our communities, and our neighbors. Goldbelt is committed to providing local opportunities to our shareholders, growing economic development in Southeast Alaska. Our Alaska Group focus on tourism, transportation, and security services, creating Alaskan jobs and impacting both shareholders and our wider community. Goldbelt seeks to intertwine Tlingit culture and tradition with successful business practices, growing opportunities for the future while honoring our history, ancestors, and values.

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