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Goldbelt Lands


Land. The land has provided a home and livelihood for the Tlingit and Haida people of Southeast Alaska for thousands of years, and continues to be a source of nourishment, growth, and opportunity today.

Goldbelt Land Holdings

Goldbelt holds land in the Juneau area, at Echo Cove and Cascade Point; in West Douglas; and at Hobart Bay and Port Houghton. Goldbelt shareholders are welcome and encouraged to engage in subsistence activities on any Goldbelt lands – all they need is their shareholder ID.

Hobart Bay

Goldbelt holds  land in Hobart Bay, Alaska, 70 miles south of Juneau. Goldbelt’s land in Hobart Bay is defined by its rugged timber, previously utilized in Goldbelt’s early days for logging operations. Today, Goldbelt utilizes our Hobart Bay land holdings as part of the carbon credits program, where we have committed our big timber to remain untouched and serve as a carbon sink offset, benefitting the environment.

Echo Cove and Cascade Point

45 miles north of town is Juneau’s “End of the Road” at Echo Cove. Goldbelt currently possesses  land at Echo Cove. Even further north, off the maintained road system, lies Cascade Point, where Goldbelt holds land as well. Potential development opportunities for both holdings are currently being explored by the Goldbelt Board of Directors and management team.

West Douglas

Goldbelt holds land on the west side of Douglas Island. Now reachable by the nearly three mile gravel “Pioneer Road”, Goldbelt’s lands at West Douglas were previously limited in development opportunities due to limited accessibility. The Board of Directors is eager to further development on the West Douglas property, and is currently working in conjunction with various community organizations to continue progress on potential projects on this property.

Mount Roberts

Downtown Juneau is framed by several mountains, including majestic Mount Roberts. Goldbelt leases land from the downtown waterfront up the steep mountainside to the top of Mount Roberts. The Goldbelt Tram climbs 1800 feet into the alpine wilderness, where guests can learn more about Tlingit culture, enjoy majestic views of the Gastineau channel and surrounding peaks, and explore miles of trails throughout the temperate rainforest and alpine meadow.