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Goldbelt Incorporated Commits to a $10 Million Investment in the Eaglecrest Gondola

Juneau, Alaska – April 14, 2023 – Goldbelt Incorporated (Goldbelt), a corporation with leading tourism and hospitality business, announced on Friday, April 7, that Goldbelt’s Board of Directors voted in favor of a revenue sharing agreement with the City and Borough of Juneau, and will invest $10 million to support the completion of the gondola project for the Eaglecrest Ski Area. Goldbelt’s investment exemplifies its dedication to the future of tourism in Juneau and underscores Goldbelt’s leadership in all uphill activities for visitors in Juneau, both in the summer and winter seasons. 

“The future of tourism is a bright spot for the economy of Juneau!” said Goldbelt’s President & CEO McHugh Pierre. “As Juneau’s Alaska Native Corporation, we recognize the immense potential of tourism as a catalyst for economic growth. With our established expertise in the tourism industry, Goldbelt is poised to invest in the community strategically, creating profitable ventures, like the gondola development, while developing job opportunities that benefit both our shareholders and the local economy.” 

With the already successful Goldbelt Tram providing an accessible outdoor experience for summertime visitors, the investment in Eaglecrest will offer a unique and thrilling adventure for visitors seeking a different kind of uphill experience. With its substantial carrying capacity, the gondola will transport guests to the top of Douglas Island, opening opportunities for further activities on Goldbelt land on the backside of Douglas. 

The cruise industry has projected a maximum large-ship capacity of 2.5 million visitors. Goldbelt believes that the Eaglecrest gondola will provide additional shore excursion opportunities for these visitors while maintaining the experience offered by the Goldbelt Tram.  

Goldbelt envisions the potential development of Douglas Island as a critical factor in the future of tourism and visitor experiences and sees the investment in Eaglecrest as the first step towards creating an economy of scale for further opportunities that will benefit both residents and visitors alike. 

The investment in the Eaglecrest gondola aligns with Goldbelt’s commitment to building a brighter future, ultimately creating additional benefits for shareholders, locals, visitors, and Juneau’s economy.