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Over a Decade of Dedication, Bruce Swagler Retires as VP of Goldbelt’s Tidewater Area Group

Bruce Swagler sitting by a lake holding a coffee mug

Over a decade of dedication and service to Goldbelt, Bruce Swagler looks forward to spending time with his four grandkids and two grand-dogs fishing and enjoying water sports. Bruce’s last day with the corporation is July 28th, leaving a legacy of camaraderie and respect.

“Bruce Swagler is an exceptional leader,” said Vice President of Business Development Pat Higgins. “His steady, calm, and savvy business handling has been noted by everyone he works with and for. As he ends his service with Goldbelt, he has performed superbly for the entire corporation, especially our shareholders.”

Bruce began his career with Goldbelt in 2011 at Goldbelt Hawk, LLC serving as the Vice President, and in 2013 he assumed the role of president. After five years with Goldbelt, in 2016, he was promoted to his current position as Vice President of the Tech Services Group, which evolved into the Tidewater Area Group. While McHugh Pierre was on parental leave, Bruce served as Acting President & CEO, which he described as the “capstone of his career.”

As Vice President, Bruce expertly managed a portfolio of eleven companies and five joint ventures, contributing to a revenue value projected to reach $200 million and a net income of $15 million by the end of 2023. Bruce’s financial acumen and strategic vision were instrumental in the growth and success of Goldbelt.

Bruce Swagler piloting a boat on a lake.

“In 2017, Bruce helped me to shift C6’s direction to leverage market demand,” said Michael Bosley, President of Goldbelt C6, LLC and Goldbelt Professional Services LLC. “C6 focused on a new industry vertical more closely mirrored Goldbelt’s Raven, LLC and LifeSource Biomedical, LLC (LSB) subsidiaries. Raven and LSB needed new leadership at the time, which I was honored to take on as president. Revectoring C6 proved incredibly fruitful after we rebranded and shifted focus into Raven and LifeSource Biomedical’s existing market space, where C6 won several follow-on contracts and direct awards. Because of Bruce’s vision and support, C6 is now the largest company in the Goldbelt portfolio and is still growing!”

Bruce led by example, treating his colleagues, peers, and subordinates with utmost respect and dignity. Bruce valued the unique experiences and perspectives each person brought to the team, and he enjoyed the camaraderie and friendships formed at Goldbelt. Bruce believed in “managing by walking around” and often engaged in informal conversations to learn about projects and the people behind them.

Bruce’s most fulfilling experiences were mentoring and nurturing future leaders within Goldbelt, and he took great pride in witnessing his mentees’ personal and professional successes