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Federal CARES Act Funds to Aid Shareholders Impacted by COVID-19

October 22, 2021 Update: Shareholders can apply for the second and final round of Federal CARES Act Tribal Relief Funds at

Goldbelt, Inc. Announces Availability of Federal ANCSA Tribal CARES Act Funds to Aid Shareholders Impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic

JUNEAU, ALASKA, August 16- Goldbelt, Inc. (Goldbelt) launched an online application for shareholders to request needs-based Federal CARES Act relief funding due to financial loss or monetary burden related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Goldbelt’s online application is live until funds are expended or the September 30 deadline. Shareholders are eligible to apply for up to $2,600 per shareholder. If funds are not expended by the deadline, Goldbelt will apply those resources in an additional round. Shareholders are encouraged to apply online for Federal CARES Act need-based funding at If a shareholder or elder cannot apply online, they may contact Goldbelt at 907-790-4990. ‎ Shareholders can learn more on

“We’re excited to provide relief and get funds into the hands of our shareholders who need it most,” said McHugh Pierre, President and CEO of Goldbelt. “We appreciate the Supreme Court decision allowing ANCSA corporations to access the Federal Tribal Organization CARES Act Relief Funding and grateful to our staff and all those working diligently to release these funds quickly.”

On June 25, 2021, the Supreme Court decided Alaska Native Corporations are entitled to the COVID-19 relief funds set aside for federally recognized Indian tribes. Goldbelt received notice of the newly available funding on August 6.