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Bruce Swagler, Vice President of Operations – Tidewater Group

Bruce Swagler joined Goldbelt in July 2011 as the Vice President of Goldbelt Hawk, LLC., an 8(a) government contracting subsidiary located in Newport News, Virginia. In March 2013, he was promoted to President of Goldbelt Hawk. In March 2015, Bruce was named Vice President of Operations – Tidewater Group. In this role, he oversees Goldbelt subsidiaries:

  • Goldbelt Hawk
  • Peregrine Technical Solutions
  • Goldbelt Falcon
  • Goldbelt C6
  • Goldbelt Nighthawk
  • Goldbelt Security
  • CP Marine
  • Goldbelt Integrated Logistics Services
  • Goldbelt Professional Services

Prior to joining Goldbelt, Bruce worked for Doyon Government Group as Director of Security Operations, Alutiiq LLC., as Vice President for Guard Services, and Alutiiq Security and Technology LLC, as a Program Manager. He served in the United States Army from 1978-1999 and is a retired Lieutenant Colonel.

In addition to his military education credentials, Bruce holds a Master of Science in Material Acquisition Management from the Florida Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Police Administration from Eastern Kentucky University.