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Goldbelt Board of Directors Increases Funeral Benefit

The Goldbelt Board of Directors increased the shareholder funeral benefit to $1,000 at the July 9 board meeting. The family of shareholders who pass away may apply for this benefit effective July 9; however, it is not retroactive.
The motion to increase the funeral benefit was made by Director Andrea Cadiente-Laiti as her final official board action before retiring from the Goldbelt board of directors on July 11.
“One of the reasons Goldbelt’s recent financial success is such an important accomplishment is because of the implications for shareholders,” said Chairman Todd Antioquia. “Providing meaningful shareholder benefits through business growth and performance is Goldbelt’s mission. On behalf of the Board, we are incredibly proud and honored to have had the opportunity to increase this benefit, to help mitigate some of the financial stress that makes the loss of a loved one that much more difficult. Gunalchéesh, Andrea, for introducing this increase and for your service to Goldbelt’s shareholders.”
Payment of the funeral benefit is made directly to the funeral home or mortuary that is handling the arrangements following the loss of a beloved shareholder. The family of a recently departed shareholder may apply for the funeral benefit by filling out the funeral benefit form, available on or by request from Shareholder Services at (907) 790-4990 or