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Echo Cove Rules & Regulations




Goldbelt requires all shareholders who want to use Goldbelt lands for camping or other recreational purposes to first acquire a permit from the Corporate Office. Shareholders using the land without obtaining a permit can be asked to leave the premises. Without knowing who is using our property, it becomes difficult for the Corporation to monitor use and to take measures when users are not respectful of the property or other shareholders’ right to use it.  Our rules and regulations are clear that users must follow certain rules, or they will lose their right to use the property. 

Should you choose to spend a day or weekend camping at Goldbelt’s  Echo Cove property, please make sure you have your shareholder ID with you.  The following rules are for the safety and enjoyment of our shareholders and their guests.  All campers should expect contact with a Goldbelt Security Services Officer while they are on the property.  The officer is on duty to ensure your stay is enjoyable.  Rules for use of the property are as follows:

1. Shareholder must obtain a permit (free of charge) at corporate headquarters: 3075 Vintage Blvd, Suite 200, Juneau, Alaska;

2. No cutting of trees;

3. Guests that are not shareholders can not use the property to camp unless they are with a shareholder that has a camping permit;

4. Motorized vehicles, cars, trucks, ATV’s and dirt bikes are not allowed on the property; 

5. Unattended camp fires are not permitted and grills must be attended to all times when in use. Camp fires must be contained in a fire pit or barbeque grill;

6. Goldbelt Inc. does not maintain trash receptacles.  You must pack your trash out when you leave the Cove.

Please enjoy yourselves and protect our lands.  Gunalchéesh.


2 Responses to “Echo Cove Rules & Regulations”

  1. Karen Kahklen Says:

    Attempted to weekend at Echo Cove several years ago, with a permit, with my family. At 1:00 am a neighboring campsite started partying very loudly. When I asked them to quiet it down, they became verbally abusive. I asked if they had a permit, they said they didn’t need it since they were shareholders and this was “their” land. They wouldn’t stop being loud and ruined the weekend. We left the next morning. Just prior to our leaving someone was walking by our campsite and commented on the partyers. They had a blueberry branch in their had. A security guard walked up to us and said they had to get rid of the branch since it was against the rules to cut them. We all asked about the partyers and he said there wasn’t anything he could do about it. We also noticed that very near the partyers’ campsite an area contained a large amount of empty beer cans on the ground. I contacted Goldbelt, Inc., the following Monday and explained what happened. As a shareholder I have never been back to Echo Cove. To me it showed a great amount of disrespect to the land, the corporation and to me for these people to be allowed to behave in such a manner. I noticed that the above rules do not address the courtesy that should be shown to fellow campers. Although probably not enforcible, I believe it should be included as a reminder to potential campers.

  2. Lisa-Marie Says:

    Karen, we agree that campers must be courteous to others and our officers do have the authority to remove those who are not following the rules or being courteous to others. With this assurance, I hope that you and your family will camp again at Echo Cove and thank you for sharing your experience.