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Mount Roberts Tramway

Mt. Roberts Tramway

Mount Roberts Tramway

See it all, do it all, above it all.

Rise above the forest and enjoy an eagle’s view of Juneau and cruise ships while riding on the Mount Roberts Tramway.  During the ascent to the mountain complex at the 2,000-foot level of Mount Roberts, guests will be enlightened on the culture and history of Juneau and the Tlingit people.

At the upper terminal the panoramic views of the town, harbor, waterways and surrounding mountains are a photographer’s delight The mountain complex houses a theater, bar, restaurant, select gift shops and offers access to a nature center and walking trails. Guests discover the flora and fauna of several Eco-systems as they pass between the lush rainforest and pristine alpine meadows.

Guests are introduced to the Tlingit culture through the award winning film Seeing Daylight which is shown continuously in the Chilkat Theater.  Native artists are often featured in the complex working on wood, silver or fossilized ivory carvings.  Guests Allow a minimum of one hour for a complete tramway experience and you can enjoy this attraction at your leisure at any time during your day in Juneau.  Mount Roberts Tramway facilities and adjacent trails are handicap accessible. The lower Tramway terminal is in downtown Juneau, a short walk from your ship’s dock.  Click here to request a brochure.



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